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 i'm pretty excited. i'm going to crash into people and get arrested :) no. haha.

i haven't been online as much lately. i guess i kind of have a life now, i don't know, but I like it. I guess the other reason is that Caryn called the police on me cause I threw a phone at her, mainly because she was basically attacking me. I was scared as fuck..anyway, this is like the 4684684986th time they heard about me, so they called my old probation officer and are considering putting me back on probation. Sucks. My friend is so scared that she's going to begin to show soon. I don't know what to tell her.. I guess I'd drop out of that happened to me. :x

Overall, I've been pretty depressed, but hey.. what can you do? lol. I got my license, and I have my car, so that should kind of change things.. I hope. =\

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